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Anti-Cef amotion 




Rght to Save 


>. i*£L2&*fr.%& 

Senator Jack B. Tenney 

The Anti-Defamation League 


The Fight to Save America 

Senator Jack B. Tenney 

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Christian Constitutional Republic of the United States of America 


By Sen. Jack B. Tenney 

We all talk a great deal about the Anti-Defama- 
tion League of the B'nai B'rith, but few non-Zion- 
ists know as much about its activities as attorney 
the Hon. Jack B. Tenney. This chapter is an ex* 
tract from the famous Tenney Reports, which have 
recently been reprinted in condensed form under 
the title of "Cry Brotherhood." 

While the ADL bureaucracy emphasizes its Jewish 
character for defensive purposes it does not speak for 
American Jews, The political nature of its work is not re- 
vealed to the average Jewish contributor, and its activities 
in this field are carefully concealed from American Jewry 
and the general public under either tethnic or religious 

The fears and complexes of the Jew are exploited by 
the bureaucracies that control and direct the net-work 
of organizations set up in his name and ostensibly for his 
protection. The laws of America are not sufficient* he is 
told. There must be a multitude of committees and coun- 
cils — a vast inter-locking series of organisations that will 
work for his interest alone. 

The Anti-Defamation League is one of the most ag- 
gressive of these Jewish agencies. Through its exploita- 
tion methods in its appeals for funds many American Jews 
have become obsessed with the idea that all non-Jews are 
either consciously and actively anti-Semitic or passive and 
potentially anti-Semitic, The scare-propaganda of the 
ADL has served to perpetuate and intensify the persecu- 
tion complex in the collective Jewish mind. Confidential 
material mailed to American Jews by organizations appeal- 
jng for funds is marked "to be destroyed after reading"— 
thus creating an atmosphere of terrifying secrecy and 



pending doom; the futility of appealing to the ordinary 
governmental agencies, and effectually cutting the Jew 
off from his American fellows. 

"It is currently estimated," declares a spokesman for 
the Joint Jewish Appeal "that 252— or more than 20 mil- 
lion Americans— have an already rooted prejudice against 
their fellow citizens. Fourteen independent polls, con- 
ducted by impartial research organizations— reveal that 
out of every four adults questioned at least one has been 
infected with anti-Semitism. . . one is opposed to anti- 
Semitism. ♦ . while a third. . . and a fourth are, as yet 

Thus 75 percent of the adult population, according to 
this statement, is either actively or potentially anti-Se- 
mitic. The one in four or 25 percent opposed to anti- 
Semitism— and this group must necessarily include the 
American Jewish population— indicates that nearly every 
adult Gentile American— including American Negroes- 
are actively or passively anti-Semitic. Whether the Jewish 
organizations behind the Jewish Appeal intend to convey 
this impression is prpbably irrelevant, btit the conclusion 
is inescapable. 


Beyond the double doots of the American Jewish 
Committee and the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai 
B'rith is a single door. On it is lettered: "FACT FIND- 

Shall we enter? 

"We are unwilling to guess about anti-Semitism,*' an 
ADL spokesman tells us. "These offices have long main- 
tained a close watch on the activities of Democracy's 
bigoted enemies/' 

Despite the double-talk involved in the use of the 



term "Democracy" we understand what the spokesman 
is saying. 

Our glance follows banks of filing cabinets and, for 
a moment, we believe we are in the Record Department 
of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, 
D. C. Clerks are busy at the cabinets, sorting rtnd filing 

Our ADL spokesman is very frank and informative 
about the entire operation, although we find that we must 
occasionally interpret his propaganda double-talk in order 
to understand clearly. We are curious to examine some of 
the papers and cards contained in the banks of cabinets, 
but we are not afforded the opportunity. We are told 
that "carefully and painstakingly documented evidence* 
is piling up in these files. 

"What does it tend to prove?" we inquired innocently, 

"It proves that the amazing parallel between the 
Nazi climb to power in Germany and the present-day 
tactics of the enemies o£ human rights within our own 
borders can no longer be deniedl" declares our guide. 

His vehemence and emotionalism mark his sincerity. 
He apparently is a victim of his own propaganda. We 
know that he is talking about himself. 

What is done with all the information on anti-Se- 
mitism contained in the ADL's banks of filing cabinets? 

We are shown a roomful of girls pounding away at 
typewriters. Automatic teletype tickets beat a machine- 
gun racket. Linotype machines pour out molded lines of 
metal words and phrases. We learn that the printing 
presses are disgorging tons of newsprint while hundreds 
of thousands of propaganda books roll through automatic 
binderies. Clerks and more clerks; busy telephone switch- 
boards. Motion picture sets spring into action at the com- 
mand of the brain center; Mitchell cameras swing into 
focus. Miles of film developing in laboratories;. News- 
casters and commentators at radio microphones: radio 



towers flashing the ADL's propaganda to the four quar- 
ters of the globe. . . 

All this to off -set anti-Semitism, we are told. 

"Ceaselessly, tirelessly," boasts our guide, "through 
one of the largest mass education and public relations pro- 
grams ever attempted by private groups, the "Anti-De* 
famation League of B'nai B'riih and the American Jew- 
ish Committee are engaged in an all-out determination. . ." 

His voice is lost in the roar of the presses, the clatter 
of typewriters, linotype-machines and automatic teletype 

We enter a door marked "PRESS DIVISION, FEA- 
TURE SERVICES." A man is at a desk dictating to his 
secretary. He pays no attention to our presence. 

"Release number 6155," he dictates. "The following 
constitutes additional background material on* . ." 

"What do the newspapers do with the material you 
feed them?" we &sk. 

"Information supplied to the newspapers reaches the 
public in the form of editorials," is the answer. 

We pass on through a door marked: "PRESS DIVIS- 
ION, PULP SECTION." We discover a large work table 
in the center of the room around which are several copy 
readers busily at work. The table is piled high with maga- 
zines, among which we see copies of "Famous Western 
Stories", "Ideal Love", and "Crack Detective Stories" 

We are not sure whether the cppy readers are search- 
ing the pages of the magazines for tell-tale indications of 
anti-Semitism or cataloguing the articles and stories plant- 
ed by the ADL. We are informed, however, that the 'Pulp 
Magazine Section" is charged with the responsibility of 
utilizing the pages of the pulps; planting stories and 
articles glamorizing the Jews. Our guide does not elabo- 
rate on how the job is done; whether or not the ADL 
articles and stories are ever returned with polite rejection 



"Pulp magazines/' he declares with a note of fi- 
nality— "with their enormous circulation carry true stories 
of American-Jewish heroism in peace as well as in war/' 

What other handful of private individuals in the 
world's history has had such power at its fingertips? What 
other private organization can say with assurance that its 
propaganda reaches the public in the form of newspaper 
editorials; that it can utilize the pages of pulp magazines? 

We are in another room. 

"This is the 'COMIC BOOK SECTION'," we are told 

"Does the ADL plant propaganda in children's 
Comic books?" we ask. 

"Comic books/' our guide replies, ignoring the form 
of the question, "carry strips denouncing native fascists 
and their use of inter-group tension as a weapon against 

The phraseology is reminiscent of the Daily People's 
World and the Daily Worker. . . "Native fascist" "inter- 
group tension," "Democracy"— brain-blinding slogans from 
the dialectical lexicon of Marx and Lenin. 


We enter a studio through a door lettered "PRESS 
DIVISION CARTOON SECTION/' Men are working at 
drawing boards. Cartoons by Carl Rose and Eric Godall 
are prominently displayed on the walls. 

"Cartoons are very useful," explains our guide. "Some 
are prepared by the nation's most popular artists and 
decorate the newspapers of the land— pointing the fingers 
of ridicule and scorn at bigotry and the purveyors of 
racial hatred." 

Passing on down the corridor we come to a door 
marked "PRESS DIVISION, BOOKS". Our ADL spokes- 
man tells us that the Book Section is charged witn "ex- 
posing the fascist trick of using anti-Semitism in its "divide 



and conquer* campaign." We are told that efforts of the 
Book Section are reaching America's bookshelves in ever- 
increasing numbers. 

We observe some of the titles of the volumes that fill 
the book cases, "They Got the Blame" "Out of the 
Many^One" "We Who Are America," "These Are Our 
Neighbors" "Living Together in Todat/s World" "Bro- 
thertown" "United We Grow," 9 "Strong as the People," 
"This is Our Town" "These Are Our Friends," "Early 
American Life" "This is Our Heritage" "One God," and 
"Under Cover." One of the latest is "Danger on the 

We hurried along to the "Research Division* and 
into the American Jewish Committee library. We are told 
that we are in "an arsenal of information 9 ; tnat the library 
contains over twenty-one thousand volumes, and more 
than two million additional items dealing with Jewish 
problems and anti-Semitism in America." 

"And what is done with all this inf ormation?" we ask. 
' "A special division channels this authenticated ma- 
terial to that group of men and women whose opinions 
are certain to have a deciding effect on America's 
future. ♦ .** 

We are now before a door on which is lettered 

' "It is of vital importance/' our guide is explaining, 
"that the American veteran— he who has already risked 
his life in the struggle against fascism— has come face 
to face with it and knows it for what it is— should be 
forewarned of the same danger at home ... so that he 
will not have to risk his life again. The fight is being 
carried on in the American Legion, the Veterans of 
Foreign Wars and other large Veterans organizations/* 

No segment of American life seems to have been 
overlooked by the enterprising ADL and the American 
Jewish Committee. 

-8 - 


We are now in the "LABOR RELATIONS DIVIS- 

"This Division/' our guide is saying* "works closely 
with both the C. L O. and the A. F. of L. on a local as 
well as national scale, determined to prevent the pro- 
moters of inter-group tension from spreading their poison 
through these ranks. ' 

Our hurried visit to the "Book" section of the "PRESS 
DIVISION" gave us little opportunity to examine the full 
scope of the work of this department. We were shown the 
propaganda product and told that such volumes as 
Under Cover" "They Got the Blame" etc., were reach- 
ing America's bookshelves in ever-increasing numbers. 

The ADL does not go in for book-burning as yet. 
Obviously such bonfires contemplate a degree of force 
only found in lawlessness or in the hands of a dictator. 
Pending such direct and conclusive action— or perhaps we 
should say in lieu of such action— the APL indulges in 
what it calls u bo6k-stifllng\ Applied to books displeasing 
to ADL bureaucracy the "stifling" method appears to be 
quite as effective as applying the torch— perhaps more so, 
as it catches the books at the source, cutting off the chan- 
nels of publicity and destroying retail markets. 

"The Conquest of a Continent" by Madison Grant is 
one example. 'The book was driven from the market," 
writes Mr. Franklin Hichborn. "Sales were not only re- 
stricted, they were stopped." 

How was it done? 

The following is a letter signed by Richard E. Gat- 
stadt, on ADL stationary, dated December 13, 1933 at 



"Scribners & Sons have just published a book by Madi- 
son Grant entitled The Conquest of a Continent.' It is 


extremely antagonistic to Jewish interests. Emphasized 
throughout is the 'Nordic superiority' theory, and the utter 
negation of any 'melting pot* philosophy with regard to 

"Scribners, in a sales circular concerning the book, points 
to Herr Hitler as the man who has demonstrated the 
value of 'racial purity 9 in Germany. The Author insists 
that American development depends upon the elimination 
of unassimilable alien masses in our midst. This book is 
considered by some as even more destructive than Hitlers 
'Mein Kampf. 9 Mr. Grant also avers that, "national problems 
are in the end racial problems*. 

"We are interested in stifling the sale of this book. We 
believe that this can best be accomplished by refusing to 
be stampeded into giving it publicity. Every review or 
public criticism of a book of this character brings it to 
the attention of many who would otherwise know nothing 
of it. This results in added sales. The less discussion there 
is concerning it, the more sales resistance will be created. 

"We therefore appeal to you to refrain from comment on 
this book, which will undoubtedly be brought to your at- 
tention sooner or later. It is our conviction that a general 
compliance with this request will sound warning to other 
publishing houses against engaging in this type of venture/* 

We are not concerned with the merits or demerits of 
books. We are presently interested in HOW the ADL 

American Jewish Committee and the Anti-Defamation 
League of B*nai B'rith concerns itself with transmitting 
ADL propaganda into foreign languages and planting ar- 
ticles in the foreign language press. 

"In addition/' explains our ADL spokesman and 

{;uide, "This division keeps a constant check on foreign 
anguage papers, representing some sixteen different 
languages. This check makes possible an accurate evalu- 
ation of trends of thought taken by this special group of 
Arncrica s citizens 

In the "RADIO DIVISION" we are told that "there 
is no single road to the American mind," and "that every 
road must be utilized/' Consequently the American Jew- 
ish Committee and the AntUDefamation League make 
extensive use of radio. In 1946 an average of 216 indi- 



vidual radio stations broadcast ADL material daily. The 
average is alleged to have doubled since 1946. 

"We reach all faiths/ 9 declares our guide. "Programs 
like 'The Battle of the Warsaw Ghetto', starring Raymond 
Massey, and 'Behold the ]eu>,' starring Aline McMahon, 
reach millions of Americans. . . Where material prepared 
by this division has been judged pertinent, it has been 
sought for use by programs such as 'Kate Smith', 'We, 
The People', 'The Doctor Fights', 'Mr. District Attorney', 
'Treasury Salute 9 , 'Reunion, U.S.A.' and others enjoying 
the largest listening audience in the country!" 


"What about other religious denominations?" We ask. 
"Are you able to get to them?" 

"More than 8,000 thoughtful men of God of many 
Christian sects and denominations, disquieted by the 
hostility stirred up against the Jews, have been able- 
through this channel— to get the facts for their congrega- 
tions—ammunition to help in their part of the fight 
against race hatred. Prominent among tne men of religion 
concerned by this problem, is forward looking Rev. Wil- 
liam C. Kernan, of die Institute for American Democracy? 

Our ADL spokesman speaks of the formation of the 
"Christian Friends of the Anti-Defamation League" as 
though the organization was a spontaneous movement 
prompted by "8,000 thoughtful men of God of many 
Christian sects and denominations"— and that the ADL 
had nothing to do with its creation* 

"This is one of the clearest signs," he declares, "that 
all of America is slowly but surelyoecoming increasingly 
aware of the true nature of anti-Semitism— and the threat 
it constitutes to the country as a whole/* 

We are becoming familiar with the propaganda tag- 
lines: "the threat it constitutes to the country as a whole ; 

- 11 


"he who attach one minority group attacks aU groups." 
In psychological warfare it is known as the AMALGAMA- 
TION TECHNIOUE. It is very effective. The Com- 
munist Party employs the AMALGAMATION method in 
wholesale quantities. "The Smith Act and the McCarran 
Art/* declare Communist Party propagandists, "are not 
really directed at the Communist Party! They are directed 
at labor organizations and minority groups!" 

"Just what is the Institute for American Democracy?" 
we inquire. 

'The Institute for American Democracy sponsors 
hardhitting Democratic propaganda, appearing on bill- 
hoards from coast to coast. In the transportation systems 
of twenty-four cities sixteen thousand billboard messages 
are being displayed. Supplementing its billboard and car- 
card program, the Institute for American Democracy has 
produced a series of one-minute films— dramatizing its 
message, shown as part of the regular feature presentation 
in theatres patronized by people in all walks of life." 

We had run across this organization in our studies 
and had learned that it was, like the Institute for Demo- 
cratic Education, a "front" or subsidized organization of 
the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Our ADL 
friend would have liked us to believe that the two In- 
stitutes were independent of ADL control— just two or- 
ganizations "cooperating fully in this vital battle against 

"All of this must cost a lot of moncv," we obsfcrve. 

We catch sight of a door labeled "INTERNATION- 
AL ACTIVITIES" but our guide rushes us along without 
an explanation. We are before the department on "IN- 

"This work in school systems/' says our guide, "is 
coordinated by a special division given over to the de- 
velopment of interciiltural relations. Working specifically 
with the Bureau For Interciiltural Education and with 



educators and leaders of all cultural groups, this division 
services public and parochial schools, teachers 9 work- 
shops, and the publishers of textbooks used in all school 
systems. The work of every division is subjected to con- 
stant tests to determine its effectiveness." 

We move rapidly down the corridor and pause at ah 
oak-paneled door labeled 'INSTITUTE FOR SOCIAL 

"The division of Scientific Research and Analysis/ 1 
our guide is telling us, "uses campus-tested techniques 
in measuring the value of methods employed* Trained 
sociologists— experts in the field of inter-group tensions- 
are employed and based on findings, constant revisions of 
conception and approach are made." 

Without pausing in his running account of AJC and 
ADL activities our guide pauses before another door on 

'It remains for the Community Service Division"— 
pointing to the door— 'to assure that this vast national 
program will reach every single one in the country " 

Leading us to another door marked "SPEAKERS 
BUREAU", he continues: 

"One means of accomplishing this is the maintenance 
of a Speakers' Bureau. . . which furnishes more than 
7,000 Rotary, Kiwanis, and other types of audiences with 
speakers of national reputation, carrying die message of 
Democracy into individual communities. Spread coast to 
coast, the Community Service Division is subdivided into 
14 regional offices, and maintains an additional 2,000 key 
men in 1,000 cities through the country." 

"What do these 2,000 key men do?" we ask in- 

"Tney helped handle more than 4,000 individual 
cases of anti-Semitism during the past yean The 
American Jewish Committee and the -Anti-Defamation 
League of ffnai B'rith are forming a protective shield 



across the nation. . . The fight costs money. Full con- 
tinuation of it requires contributions ... I shall not insult 
your intelligence oy repeating countless reasons why you 
should contribute to this year s Joint Defense Appeal. Suf- 
fice it to say that as JEWS you will want to give. As 
AMERICANS you can do no less. It is your duty!" 

An example of the technique of Jewish exploitation 
of Jews is a letter dated July 7, 1962 on the letterhead of 
the United Jewish Welfare Fund, addressed to Jewish 
insurance underwriters. 

The letter follows: 

"Dear Fellow-Underwriter: 

"May I apologize for our failure to contact you personally 
relative to your contribution to the United Jewish Welfare 
Fund? I know you will understand because we, like you, 
have a living to make. 

"Although the worthliness and the need of this cause 
need no amplifying, let me give you one example— the at- 
tached is a true and shocking story. It touches everyone of 
us, whether we are in Life, Casualty or any other type of 
insurance business. The anti-Semites who publish the dan- 
gerous filth described herein are well-financed. They have 
no trouble raising funds. But the source of funds to combat 
them— your United Jewish Welfare Fund— finds it much 
harder to get support. 

"We are critically behind schedule in meeting this year's 
minimum quota, not only to combat anti-Semitism, but 
to support such other agencies as: taking care of the 
Jewish needs of men and women in uniform; supporting 
over 30 of our local agencies, saving lives of Jews in 
Israel, Europe and the Moslem World. 

"Will you do your part? At this writing your contribution 
has not been received. I join with your colleagues in the 
Insurance Division in urging that vou read the attached 
folder, then promptly make your gift to the United Jewish 
Welfare Fund— and make it generous enough to enable us 
to conquer the hate that threatens us all 

"Your pledge card is enclosed. Sign it for the maximum 
amount, keeping in mind that you may pay your contribu- 
tion in monthly or quarterly installments. Please take care 
of this matter today so that we may ail go back to the 
business of selling insurance." 

Enclosed with the letter is an expensive— and alarm- 
ing—five page folder. In red and white ominous lettering 
against a black background is the legend "Violence 



Against The Jew." Superimposed over a mass of wriggling 
arrow-pointed ' white lines is a red curling, snake-like 
figure. The overall effect is designed to be frightening. 
The recipient of the folder is led to believe that the draw-: 
ing is the work of some sinister, blood-thirsty anti-Semite 
rather than the propaganda "artwork" of the United 
Jewish Welfare Fund. 

Reproduced throughout the folder are the title pages 
of a number of booklets dealing with Jewish Questions. 
Not a single title, page reproduced, indicates violence 
against the Jews. The overall effect of the folder, how- 
ever, conveys the terrifying idea that all Jews are in 
deadly peril. 

The second page of the folder warns; "Make no mis- 
take: On every side there is danger to our homes and 
families. 99 The word "danger" is in inch-high, blood-red 
quivering letters. 

The psychological reaction to this sort Of propaganda 
is obvious. The average uninformed American Jew is im- 
mediately confronted with visions of pogroms and mob 
violence— terrorized by the thought that the ordinary 
protections of government will be denied him— that only 
the Jewish agencies stand between him and doom! 

We were back in the clear, clean air of America as 
the double doors marked American Jewish Committee 
and Anti-Defamation League of B f nai B'rith close be- 
hind us. We had just seen the inside working of a private 
espionage and propaganda agency; an agency organized 
with and maintained by private contributions; the nerve 
center of a world-wide net-work whose tentacles reach 
into every Gentile activity. 

In the "Fact-Finding, Legal and Investigative Divis- 
ions' 9 we learned of the organizations 9 second (and per- 

- 15- 


haps most important) activity— the collection of files on 
so-called "anti-Semites". We had a glimpse of the extens- 
ive rows of cabinets containing data on thousands of 
individuals who, for one reason or another, qualify by 
ADL standards as anti-Jewish, actually or potentially. 
YOUR name may be included. 

The Anti-Defamation League of Vnai B'rith and 
the American Jewish Committee do not have any excuse 
whatever for their operations. Their secret agents spy 
upon American citizens. They penetrate the political field 
injecting racism into political campaigns. Through their 
multitudinous controls of the media of communication they 
are capable of destroying reputations and silencing all 
rebuttal By "bookstifling" and the American Jewish 
Committee technique of "quarantine" (silent-treatment), 
critics are denied a public audience for either attack or 

The amazing part of the whole sordid story is the 
fact that Americans— including American Jews— know so 
little about it Those who have had occasion to learn a 
little of ADL and AJC operations are fearful to do or say 
anything about them. Legislators who have some 
knowledge of the facts are tearful of taking any action 
because they well know that they would be smeared as 
"anti-Semites" in the next election. No newspaper will 
risk its advertising contracts by telling the story. 

The Anii-Defamation League of iVnai B'rith is 
probably the largest and most efficient private gestapo 
in the world today and, without doubt, the largest of its 
kind in the history of the world. And— amazing as it may 
be— this vast interlocking system of departments, sections 
and divisions is devoted to but one issue— and only one 
issue despite propaganda to the contrary-apolitical con- 
quest in the name of Racism! 

The international character of the network of Zionist 
organizations is obvious. Among the hundreds of Amer- 



ican Jewish organizations flourishing in the United States 
today, only one stands out clearly a& basically American! 
The American Council for Judaism has had the courage to 
proclaim its political loyalty to the United States, and its 
spiritual loyalty to Judaism. It has met with abuse and 
condemnation at the hands of the Zionists for its patriot- 
Ism. Ignoring vicious attacks it dares stand for what is 
best for the United States rather than what is best for 
Israel. It dares plead justice for the Arabs* 

We are beginning to understand something of the 
magnitude of the ADL's operations. We Are beginning to 
appreciate its vast spy-network sprawling across the na- 
tion and throughout the world. Our imagination is stag- 
gered by its apparent control of the avenues of com- 
munications. We pause to remember that we are dealing 
with a private organization, financed by contributions 
wrung from American Jews— American Jews cut off from 
the healthy intercourse of American life by the alarm- 
trumpets of fear and suspicion. 

We remember the provocative phrases of our ADL 
spokesman: "native fascists", "racial hatred , "anti-Se- 
mites", etc., and we suddenly recall that He who loved 
all mankind said: "'These Things I Command You, That 
Ye Love One Other" We ponder the psychological re- 
action of one who is branded "a native fascist* and a 
"bigot"; whether or not such a person is hardened in his 
bigotty or suddenly transformed into the quintessence of 
brotherly love. Robert Herrick paraphrased Ausionius 
when he deqlgred that "love begets love" It would appear 
that the ADL is more motivated by Econchard Leorun- 
Pindafe's harsh adminition ^let us be brothers— or TU cut 
your throat'\ than the gentle command to "love one 



The Fight to Save America 


Acceptance Speech as Vice Presidenticd Noxnluo, Ch rist i a n 
Nationalist Party, Biltmote Hotel Sunday, S#pt 14. 1852 

There comes a time in the life of every man when he either 
succumbs to the hypocrisy of hie generation or naile hie theses 
on the door of the Cattle Church at Wittenberg. The decision la 
all too often resolved by personal consideration; by the illusion 
of peaee-of-mind and an understandable desire to avoid the 
tumultuous shouting and clamor of the market-place. 

It is not an easy task to face continuously the barbs and 
arrows of the demagogues and political charlatans; to eternally 
bear the slander of those who have no better argument It is 
particularly a difficult task when one has grown weary with years 
of fighting; heavy-hearted with the memory of futile crusades and 
hopeless causes. In the scales of decision these things weigh 
heavily. And—unless the hand of God intervene— the scales tip 
in favor of false peace and dishonorable comfort 

There have been times in the lives of each of us when we 
have believed that discretion was the better part of valors vAen 
expediency waa politically smart;— when self-interest was the best 
factor in our decision. It is always easy to succumb to these self- 
serving arguments and (he history of our time is replete with 
their disastrous results. The moral deterioration of political 
power, evident on every hand in the high places of government, 
and blatantly offensive in the spectacle of the Convention of our 
two major parties In Chicago* are examples of men motivated by 
expediency and self-interest 

History records the decline and fall of Nations through the 
moral decay of men who wielded political power in the arrogant 
and reckless assumption that the blessings thsy so impudently 
squandered were of their own genius* Headstrong, obstinate 
man; greedy, unscrupulous men;— sinister and ambitions men,-— 
unrestrained by either the laws of God or man— have carried great 
civilisations into the abyss of oblivion— because their moral 
deterioration had Infected the people. 

In every generation God, in Bis wisdom and compassion, baa 
set up warning signa and provided an instrumentality fo* salva- 
tion. In ow time the warning signals are multitudinous,— and 
He has given us— Douglas NatArthuri (Applause) 

When I whs informed that Douglas MacArthur had been 
nominated for President of the United States;— that electors had 
been filed in many states— including California— and that I had 
been named as his running mate— I was indeed proud. 

When I read the platform of the Christian Nationalist Tarty 
and realised that I was reading the words sd Gener* 1 MacArthtir, 

- 19 

I knew that Divine Providence had intervened to give the 
American people another chance, (AmAttttt) Here.are the issue* 
in MacArthur'a words* clearly defined; fundamental issues directly 
involving the very survival of the Republic It is a document to 
which all patriots can salty I 

X accept the nomination for the Viee Presidency of, the 
United States and the platform of the Christian Nationalist 

I do so in a deep spirit of humility— and with a thorough 
understanding oif the possible consequences to my political future. 
I have no f antastie notion that I will be elected I know that the 
mud-guns of the Smear Battalion will be unlimbered for continu- 
ous broadsides; that the printing-presses of Stalin's little helpers 
win spew forth their venom; that the defamation of antt- 
defamation leagues will be released in torrents ;—that planted 
"smear" will bloom in the columns of the press. But it wont 
matter^— because it all has happened before. It will be aa false 
and as untrue as it has always been. 

We can be consoled by the fact that our people are becoming 
wise to the techniques of the Smear Brigades. It is not quite so 
effective today to answer an anti-communists' argument by calling 
him a "red-baiter" or an "anti-eemite." The obnoxious and ques- 
tionable activities of a private gestapo are not now so easily 
shielded by the false cxy of "hate-Monger" and "bigot? aa 
formerly- The public is slowly learning that these caries brand 
the crier with the guilt he would impugn to others. (AmatKB) 

Yes— there will be cries of anguish from many sources— 
not the least of which will emanate from the throats of the smart 
New Deal Republican* who so cleverly sold the Republican Party 
down the river in Chicago. When the stockyard daughter was 
over (Applause) there were those who laughed at the disc om fort 
of the American people; laughed at them because "thfcy had no 
place else to go." They were a little uncertain in the first eg- 
dtement of their victory ind are more uncertain now. (Laughter) 
The Shadow of a Revitalised American-General of the Army 
Douglas MacArthur— like Banquo's ghost— still haunts their 
festivities* and aa the shadow grows larger they are terrified, 
because they believed he died in the general slaughter at Chicago's 
Stockyards, (LtTOHsat AMD Awuwjbb) 

We must go up and down the land and tell Americans every- 
where that MacArthur lives! That his principles will never fade 
away! Tell them that aa long as there breathes a man or a 
woman who loves freedom, who loves God and country— 
MacArthur shall live! (Pioldnobd Actiausb) 

Every righteous cause is strengthen^ by faith in its right- 
eoufaesa. Every rightetfts, cause has it* Valley Forge and, its 
ni jntf of despair. We Nfltf WB dared to hope bef cjre Chicago 
now dan to hope again, because we have faith that our cause 


is right (Applause) Douglas MacArthur has never turned a 
deaf ear to his country's call. If he should carry but pne state 
in November, it is possible that Congress will name him the next 
President of the United States (Applause) and we may rest 
assured that the hero of Corregidor will answer that call I 

It is my considered opinion that wherever Americans have 
an opportunity to vote for MacArthur— whether it means writing 
in his name or stamping a cross— Americans will vote for 
MacArthur! (Applause) I am informed that this opportunity will 
be afforded the American voters of approximately 28 states 1 

Yes— it is quite possible that Congress may hear the voice of 
the people — the same voice that was shamefully ignored in 

This is one sufficient reason why I accept your nomination 
and join your crusade— to provide "some place for Americans to 
go;" (Applause) to provide for some of the American people an 
alternative to Tweedle-Dum Adlai and Tweedle-Dee Ike. 

like our illustrious forebears we have been disposed to suffer 
while evils were sufferable; to go along as regular, loyal Demo- 
crats and Republicans and obediently vote the ticket when Con- 
vention chicanery and manipulation was over and forgotten. We 
were supposed to be "good sports" when our candidates were 
brushed aside; supposed to be "good losers" when the umpire 
counted us out We were silenced by the psychology of a sporting 
event while the smart boys in the back room walked off with our 
two party system I After Willkie and a double dose of Dewey, we 
should be fully aware that we are not engaged in a sporting event 1 
We are in deadly peril. Our Constitution, our freedoms; our very 
country hangs in the balance. 

Like our illustrious forebears we, too, have come to under- 
stand that a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing in- 
variably the same object, evinces a design to reduce us under 
Absolute despotism. While we slept the usurpations multiplied. 
The final blow was the capture of the Republican Party. 

These beginnings here tonight are proof certain that the cause 
of freedom and America is not irrevocably lost. With our backs 
to the wall we stand unafraid, sustained by the faith that sup- 
ported George Washington and his ragged Continental Army at 
Valley Forge. (Applause) Of this faith is bom confidence; — 
confidence that self-evident truths — though crushed to the earth- 
arise again in magnificent might. 

We have been patient and long suffering. We have waited 
for a clear voice that might be heard above the bedlam; a voice 
speaking the language of Freedom; a voice that would drown out 
the droning of the barkers, the fakirs— the purveyors of quack 
medicines. Many of us had placed otjr hopes in the Party of 


Abraham Lincoln;— the Party that stood and fought for Freedom. 
For twenty yean the Republican Party has been cut inf power 
while a coalition of eoctctfiata, communists, planneta and welfare* 
ttaters have captured, controlled, and directed the Democratic 
Party. In desparate hunger for office some Republican candidates 
have sought to out-give and out-bid the incumbent demagogues; 
—to contest in elections on a "give away program;" selling the 
same fraudulent New Deal tonic and Fair Deal Snake-Oil. Our 
hopes have diminished as the proud banners of Republicanism 
dipped lower and lower; aa the clarion tones of Republican battle- 
trumpets became a feeble echo of New-Fair Deal buglecalls. We 
have watched a long cavalcade of candidates and scanned reams 
of platforms;— watched and read with rising hope that soon 
dashed to the earth. As candidates and platforms have marched 
in review we have learned that they only add up to new be- 
trayals; — a common design to destroy our liberty, violate our 
persons, our papers and our property. 

The Republican Party was born at Bloomington, Illinois on 
May 29th, 1856. On this memorable day Lincoln parted company 
with the Whigs. He said: "We are in a trying time— It ranges 
above mere party— and this moment to call a halt and turn our 
steps backward needs ail the help and good counsels it can get . . . 
We live in the midst of alarms; anxiety beclouds the future; 
we expect some new disaster with each newspaper we read. Are 
we in a healthful political state? Are not the tendencies plain? 
Do not the signs of the times point plainly the way in which we 
are going?" ^**| 

Could Lincoln speak more truthfully or prophetically if b& 
addressed these words to us today? (Apptausb) 

Let us see what the Republican Party and our Republican 
leaders have done about our "trying time 19 ; — about our life "in 
the midst of alarms";— about our anxiety for the future; — about 
expected new disasters, and the plainly discernible signs pointing 
to national catastrophy. 

We must admit that both Republican and Democrats joined 
to give us the Sixteenth Amendment;— the unrestricted power to 
lay and collect taxes on our income, "from whatever source de- 
rived, without apportionment among the several States, and with- 
out regard to any census or enumeration. 99 

Both Democrats and Republicans voted for taxes and funds 
to erect and maintain A multitude of offices, bureaus and boards, 
from which swarm an army of petty bureaucrats who harass our 
people and eat our substance. Both the Republicans and the 
Democrats have endorsed and voted for gigantic increases in gov- 
ernmental power over individual freedom and property, including 
our wages, our prices and our profits. 

Both Republicans and Democrats now endorse and practice 
the principle of buying votes of minority pressure groups with 


subsidies and privileges at the expense of the nation's tax-payers 
and consumers. 

We find Republicans joining with Democrats in condoning, 
on the one hand, and endorsing on the other, the expansion of 
the powers of the Executive* Branch at the expense of the other 
Governmental Branches and the people, thus dislocating the 
delicate gears that control our checks and balances, — the safety 
valve of our freedoms. 

You do not have to be an attorney or a student of the 
Constitution to know that many Republicans and New-Fair Deal 
Democrats have deserted Constitutional principles in favor of ex- 
pediency and appeasement as they outbid each othet in a desperate 
effort to win or retain public favor* 

Our lives and our substance are scattered abroad with a 
lavish hand by Republicans and Democrats alike, in an insane 
desire to support and maintain international cabals dominated 
by socialist governments, thus compromising our rights and 
freedoms as Americans. 

We must not forget that Republicans joined with Democrats 
in the creation of the United Nations Organization at San 
Francisco — and that Republican Senators joined with Democratic 
Senators in ratifying the Charter; — thus, under Article VI, 
Section 2 of the Constitution, making its provisions "the 
supreme law of the land/ 9 Neither Party has arisen in indignation 
at the subjection of odr flag, our finances and our freedom to 
the sovereignty of the socialist minded United Nations Organiza- 
tion and its sundry agencies. Both Republicans and Democrats 
have bowed abjectly to the loss of Congressional power to declare 
war, and both have watched a Military Commission of the alien 
United Nations Organization,— containing delegates of enemy 
nations, — send American boys into battle without hope or promise 
of victory. 

Yes,— we have watched in vain for some indication of con- 
certed Republican courage and straightforwardness. Some of us 
believed that love of country and freedom might stir the minds 
of Americans in high public office to effective action; — that a 
chief executive, who, in defiance of the Constitution and the 
Congress plunged the nation into a fruitless war, would be im- 
peached by the men whom we had elected to represent us; — men 
who had sworn to uphold and defend the Constitution. But neither 
party moved for impeachment;— Republicans, for the most part, 
as silent and inactive as the Democrats. 

Yes, candor compels ub to admit that the Republican Party 
has also been attracted to the flesh-pots of Egypt; — that many 
Republican leaders have grown weary of, the wilderness of 
principles and yearn for the warm tents of office and the temples 
of false gods. 

In his Bloomington speech of nearly a hundred years ago 


Lincoln observed that "the party lash and the fear of ridicule will 
overawe justice and liberty. It is a singular fact," he said, "but 
hone the less a fact* and well known by the most common ex* 
perience, that men will tto things under the 'terror of the party 
lash that they would not on any account or for any consideration 
do otherwise/ 9 We believe we know a little of what Lincoln had 
in mind; we know something of the party lash; something of 
the party machine; — something of tthe fear of ridicule that over- 
awes justice and liberty. We know that honest opposition and 
the exercise of freedom of action in party .affairs is often met 
with violent and groundless accusations; with ridicule and smear* 
Honest difference of opinion is silenced as "disunity", while the 
exercise of franchise is labeled "hate-mongering." We know that 
a Republican candidate for office oftimes signs his political death 
warrant when, in good Conscience, he opposes the will of the 
machine. To stand openly and honestly against the machine is 
unpardonable in party affairs; — an act that will not go un- 
punished. Support will be withheld;— while the wolf-packs of 
the opposition, encouraged by the house-organs of the machine, 
destroy the impudent dissenter. Yes, we know something of the 
party lash,— we know now that Senator Robert Taft hits felt its 
sting— and we know that otherwise good men in public office 
have felt its threat; — recognized its power,— and succumbed to 
Its fear. Justice and liberty have been the real victims, while 
national catastrophe promises to be the net result 

We do not mean to blanket all Republicans,— nor all Demo- 
crats for that matter,— in our general indictment. We honor 
those statesmen in both major parties who have stood firm on 
the principles of the Constitution; — great and steadfast men who, 
all too often, have gone down to defeat and apparent political 
obscurity while sticking doggedly at their guns and facing the 
enemy. Bach passing day of history adds to the greatness of 
that intrepid Republican, President Herbert Hoover, (Applause) 
who calmly but f utilely stood guard at the portals of our Republic, 
while the frenzied multitudes, fired and eoouraged by the dem- 
agogues and Pied Pipers, stormed the citadels of our liberties. 
Deserted, smeared, ridiculed and lampooned, yet uncompromising 
and unappeasiiig, he stands as the greatest Roman of them all. 

There are others;— many, many others. These men stand 
for America before they stand for the rest of the world; they 
oppose socialism, whether it be called communism, New Deal, 
Fair Deal, the Welfare State or just plain Social Progress. They 
believe in free enterprise ; in a free economy, and in a free 
people. They are men like Senator Joseph McCarthy (Prolonged 
Applause) who believes containing communism, like charity, 
should begin at home, (Applause) and that the American State 


Department is no place for Stalfo's agents and stooges. (Applaus*) 
And it appears that the good people of Wisconsin have 
Correctly interpreted "McCarthyism" as Americanism — 
(Applause) in spite of Eisenhower* Nixon and Stevenson! 
(Applause) In case there be any doubt in anyone's mind where 
I stand on Joseph McCarthy— I say God bless him and give 
us 95 more just like him in the United States Senate. (Applause) 
We have watched other nations travel down the dark road 
to socialism; — to slavery, povery and degradation. You and I 
have watched the unmistakable steps in the same direction taken 
by our own government Many of us have stood by in unspeakable 
terror, transfixed by the paralysis of the nightmare,— unable to 
cry out; unable to move. 

A few of us know that those who would destroy American 
freedom are not squeamish about the means to the end;— -not 
in the least concerned about the vehicle employed. AH pressure 
groups have been used and will continue to be used, — and no false 
party loyalty is maintained in this process. Anything, anyone, 
any party,— that advances the program of socialism is on the 
list, — or they can get on at a moment's notice. To those who 
would play God; to those who have planned our destiny, it 
makes no difference whether New Deal Democrats or Social 
Progress, New Deal Republicans hold office. It is only important 
that the socialist program go forward;— that men in public office 
do the will of the socialises. Compromise after compromise 
does the job little by little and, as some one has well said, 
"When the political morphine habit has taken hold, a majority 
of the people no longer care for self-respecting independence and 
are willing to sell their last threadbare garment of personal 
freedom for soothing promises of security." The planners of 
internationalism. World Government, and the Welfare State want 
men in public office Who will compromise; weak men who will 
be more interested in holding office than performing the duties 
of office;— men who will ''play bair— and assist In the traffic 
of political narcotics. 

It is the practice of political compromise that has destroyed 
our great political parties. We have been taught to believe that 
compromise is the secret of practical politics and successful 
legislation. This, perhaps, is true when we are speaking of 
routine politics and ordinary legislation concerning roads, flood- 
control and kindred matters. There is nothing wrong with that 
kind of compromising. But when it comes to your freedoms and 
mine; when it comes to the independence and sovereignty of our 
country; — then we say there is no right in any public official 
to compromise. (Applause) These are matters upon which there 
can be no difference of opinion. Those who compromise these 
things betray their oath of office —and should be impeached* 


There are those whc believe that everything can be ac- 
complished by the enactment of a statute;— that all things for 
all men are possible if we just have a law to cover the situation. 
It makes no difference to the planners and the Welfare-Staters 
that their proposals would be criminal in the absence of 
statutes; — that robbing Peter to pay Paul, for instance, when* 
done by Tom, Dick and Harry, instead of the Government — sends 
Torn, Diek and Harry to the penitentiary* Abraham Lincoln 
had something to say about bogus laws. He said that "a gang 
of Missouri horse-thieves could come into Illinois and declare 
Horse-stealing to be legal 11 He was pointing out that though 
you made horse-stealing legal you didn't, by the process, make 
it moral Eighty years after Lincoln, the Missouri horse-thieves 
came to Washington and made horsestealing legal (Laughter 
and Applause) Highway robbery had already been legalized by 
the New York, Harvard gangs but the Missouri boys did right 
well with what had been overlooked. (Laughter) They might 
have made these crimes legal, but you and I know they didn't 
make them moral. 

Making people prosperous, happy and virtuous, attending to 
their housing, education and sundry needs costs a lot of money. 
You've got to get it somewhere so you have to take it away 
from the people. You don't jdare do it with a gun, so you 
pass a law. It is necessary, therefore, to continually increase 
taxes. If the people don't have enough to tax you merely raise 
prices and wages — and, of course, increase taxes. If this process 
brings about inflation this complication is easily taken care of 
by more inflation. And, of course, a further increase in taxes. 
Full employment can always be achieved by either a War or a 
police action— and as long as the blood and muscle of American 
youth holds out— the Welfare State can be kept afloat. 

You and I know that it is a fool's paradise; that it is 
a bubble that tpust burst with tragic consequences! 

It is only part of the story, however. The other part 

comes under the heading of Internationalism. It embodied a 

strange insanity that calls for National suicide; surrender of 

. sovereignty; Buper world government. Its virus is no respecter 

,of political faiths; — it is now in the blood Btream of both 

; major parties. The infection is normal in socialism and comr 

munism. The epedemic probably started in the State Department 

jsnd rapidly spread in every direction. It is symptomatic that 

its victims run high fevers when confronted with purely national 

< problems* They are apt to become violent when asked to consider 

American interests before foreign interests. On such occasions 

the victims of intemationalitis invariably cry out in feverish 

scorn, calling all and sundry "Isolationists." During the critical 

... stages of the disease the victim believes that this frenzied name* 


calling completely devastates all those about him who show 
solicitation for home and country. 

No core has been found, as yet, for this internationalist 
disease. For a long time it was believed that only New Dealers 
were subject to its virus. Socialists and Communists were the 
natural carriers — and for a long time they didn't get too close, to 
self-respecting Republicans. But our case histories now disclose 
that this is no longer the situation. The bug has stricken 
Republicans in many parts of the country. It has been traced 
to Wendell Wilkie, — who probably picked it up while he was a 
Democrat (Laughter) He undoubtedly spread the contagion 
among Republicans along with his "One World" fever. Reliable 
reports indicate an alarming spread of the disease among 
Republicans in the New England States. It has become pai> 
ticularly prevalent in New York which probably accounts for 
so many Republicans from that state inside the Fair deal 
Institution. So we now must admit that the disease has crossed 
party lines. Ike and Adlai are said to be incurable. (Laughter 


The United Nations Organization has not brought peace to 
the world— and you and I know it will not bring peace to the 
world. (Applause) There were those, no dottot, who honestly 
and sincerely believed that it was the solution to the problem of 
war, and there were others who merely hoped that it would 
be the solution. Students of socialism and. communism knew 
better;— knew that the combination of socialist, and communist 
nations with capitalist United States in a world organization 
meant one of two things: abject surrender on the part of the 
United States to the socialist-Communist bloc with the ultimate 
victory of world communism, or continuous blood-and-wealth 
draining United Nations police actions and sovereignty en- 
croaching demands that must inevitably bring about the 
destruction of America and the victory of world communism. 
The possible third alternative waB — and still is— the 
awakening of the people of the United States and the dissolution 
of the United Nations. (Applause) The cunning dialectical brain* 
trust in the Kremlin anticipated this possibility and the Soviet 
Union* is prepared for it. Stalin knows that every year, every 
hour, every minute of Uriited States participation in the United 
Nations weakens the United States financially while destroying 
its prestige abroad. (Applause) 

We must remember that the United Nations Organization 
is not, in any sense, united* We pay nearly forty percent 
of the entire cost of the organization although there are sixty 
member nations. While the United States has now sustained 
about one hundred and twenty-thousand casualties— about twenty- 
thousand dead — a handful of member nations collectively have 


contributed le*? than twenty-five thousand soldiers with very little 
equipment. What's "united" about that? (Applause) 

Eventually the American people will awaken to this gigantic 
hoax and do something about it. The facts will be driven home 
and a gullible and trusting people will indignantly learn that 
the Korean "police action" has been our war alone against the 
communists of North Korea and China,— and against the Soviets, 
sitting in the Counsels of the United Nations, calling the plays, 
dictating the policies and strategy for the conduct of the war* 
The people of the United States have never had an opportun- 
ity to pass on this question of internationalism; on World Gov* 
ernment, the United Nations Organisation, or the global give- 
away program. Dewey made no campaign against New or Ffeir 
Deal policies in 1944 or in 1948. Consequently the people had 
no opportunity to debate the issues and had no chance to decide 
them. The Internationalists and the Socialists do not want 
them debated or decided in this presidential year* 

You don't have to look too closely at Eisenhower and 
Stevenson to leafn that they are cut from the awaaB cloth to the 
same political pattern* (Applause) 

Both men are committed to virtually the same program; 
to the same domestic tod foreign policies. 

Both are political Occidents. (Laughter and Applause) 
Both were first proposed for the Presidency by Harry Truman. 
Both were promoted for the Presidency by Boss Jake Arvey; 
Ike in 1948, Adlai in 1952. 

Both insisted th*}t they be drafted for the nomination, 
although both connived and maneuvered to insure their selection. 

Both have declared their unfitness for the Presidency. 

Both have been Closely identified with the Roosevelt and 
Truman administrations, although both are now trying to 
disassociate themselves from Harry. 

Both approve of the surrender of American sovereignty to 
a world authority. 

Both are all-out supporters of the United Nations. 

Both are firmly behind the Marahall-Acheaon Mutunl Security 
policy of propping up the European economy by lavish out- 
pourings of American funds. 

Both are for the commitment of American troops, as well 
as money, to European defense. 

Both are willing to acknowledge that mistakes have teen 
inade by "Washington" in the Far East, but neither has any 
concrete plan for ending the war in Korea. 

Both are for a bi-partisan foreign policy. 

Both are for reciprocal foreign trade pacts. 


Both are for a bigger, better and broader social security 

Both deplore the "mess" in Washington. (Arrutlfflt) 

Both denounce corruption in the Federal establishment and 
promise to root it out, bat both are reluctant to name names. 

Both are lor F.E.P.O, but preferably through State action. 
Both have indicated that if the States fan to act, they would 
support Federal intervention, although both are deliberately vague 
about committing themselves 0a details. 

Both endorse a "middle of the road" policy. 

Both are against inflation. 

Both are for prosperity. 

Both are for peace. (Lauohtee and Applause) 

Both are against bigots. 

Both are against 'WcGarthyism." 

Both are against communism but both have co n de mn ed 
loyalty investigations. 

And so on ad nauseam. 

Some one has pointed out that there Is a difference between 
the two men. Ike wears silk aox, and Adlai wears nylons 1 
(Laughter and Applause) 

And so the American people have a choice between aflk and 
nylon soxl 

Many Americans, however, will now have an opportunity for 
a real choice* They will be able to vote for Douglas MacArthur. 


And so we go on from here, confident In the ultimate victory 
of our self-evident truths; proud to be Americans;— proud to 
stand where our forebears stood;— unafraid and uncompr o mising 
on our basic principles. 

We must reaffirm our faith and confidence in the American 
system of free private enterprise, and our continued opposition 
to the welfare state, to socialism under any label, and to ita 
ideological blood brother, communism. 

We must stand firmly far our own country, first, last and 
always. (Amim) 

We must, raise our voices in protest against the inter* 
national insanity that is Impoverishing us and devouring the 
inheritance of our children's children. . 

We must demand victory in Korea or withdrawal of American 
troops. (Aftlaubb) 

We must demand that our military alliances be with natima 
of good will who are ready, able and willing: to fight for freedom 
with us, (Applause) without being bribed into doubtful loyalty. 

The road ahead will be dark and difficult There will be 
terrifying shadows lurking along t» wUfrand many timid souls 
will turn bade in fear and trembling. The beacon lights of 


information and communication will be denied us. Pitfalls, traps 
and snares will be cleverly concealed at evety tnile pott but we 
will not be afraid. (Appiatob) 

We am not alone; Aerosa the broad reaches of this fair 
land of ours there are millions of fine Americana thinking as 
you and I; praying for this opportunity you are giving them. 
They have watched, aa have you and I, the crimson tide of 
Socialism rising higher and higher to breach the ramparts of 
our freedom, and they, too, see the red glare of communist 
tyranny blood-staining the blue heavens of liberty. They are 
of every race, color and ereed-~and they will join us. In nearly 
every town and hamlet, north, south, east and west, there are 
rrief stricken mothers and widows who will never again see a 
loved one who died without promise or hope of victory in far* 
away Korea. 

Yes, across our rolling plains, in our majestic mountains, in 
our coastal cities, in industrial centers and on tho farms, there 
are millions of Americans who still believe that government 
is a creation of man and that its single function is to maintain 
justice. They have been praying and waiting for someone to 
again raise high the Stars and Stripes and relight the tordi 
of liberty. Millions of these Americans choked our roads and 
lined our streets when MacArthur came home from Japan— 
and when they heard his voice and drank deep of the wisdom 
of his words,-*- they knew that God had heard their prayers. 

80 we are not alone! 

General MacArthur has asked the American people: "Are 
we to preserve the religious base to our origin, war growth and 
our progress or yield to the devious assaults of atheistic or 
other anti-religious forces?" 

We are answering tonight that we will not yield! That 
we are determined to preserve our religious base, our American 
culture and our American tradition I (Applause) 

He baa asked the American people : "Are we going to maintain 
our present course toward state socialism with communism just 
beyond or reverse the present trend and regain our hold upon 
our heritage of liberty and freedom?" 

And we are answering tonight that wo intend to atop the 
trend toward socialism and communism! 

And finally, we, ^- and millions like us— are answering 
tonight that, with God'a hefa we will do these things by electing 
Douglas MacArthur the next President of the United States! 
Prolonged and Continuous Applause. 


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gan (Sanctuary), 17pp., 2.50 + P&H <later retided "Roosevelt & IUuminati") 
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- Tainted Contacts Being a Compilation pf Facts of the Personnel and Activities of 

the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America (1931) Col. £. N. Sanc- 
tuary, 112pp., computer-enhanced, plastic comb-bound, 11.00 + P&H. 

- The Talmud Unmasked (1 892) LB. Pranaitis (Lithuanian Priest murdered by Bolshe- 
viks for writing this), 1 1 1pp., pb., 9.00 + P&H. (transl. w/ intro. by Sanctuary) 

-Tearing Awav Veils: Financiers Who Control World (LAmi du Peuple, 1932, by 
Francois Coty) translated by Col. E.N. Sanctuary 54pp., with added photo and 
biography of Coty and Sanctuary by RAB/STM; 7.00 + P&H. very rare. 

- War Guilt and Warmong ers (1941), 70pp., very rare book, 10.00 + P&H. 

{Titles by) WVdiffe B. Vennard, Sr.: 

- The Enemy Within (1964) 29pp., booklet, 3.50 + P&H. 

- 50 Years of Treason in 100 Acts (1964) 32pp., booklet, 3.00 + P&H. 

- The Solution to the Federal Reserve Fraud (1966) 48pp., booklet, 5.00 + P&H. 

- What's Wrong in Washington? What's Your Answer - U.S. Senate Clobbered by 

Hidden Government (1964) 76pp., booklet, 8.50 + P&H. 
(Titles by) Gerald B. Winrod: 

- AHam Weish aupt: A Human Devil (1935) 51pp., 5.00 + P&H. Illuminati founder 

- Communism In Prophecy. H istory. America (1 946). 88pp., comb-bound, 10.00 + P&H. 

- Tewish Assault on Christianity (1935). 49pp., 5.00 + P&H. 

- The Truth About The Protocols . 56pp. 5.00 + P&H. 

- Talks on Sound Government (1938) 66pp., 5.00 + P&H. 

By Various Authors; 

- The Age of Treason: The CareMv and Qeliberately Planned Methods Developed 

by the Vicious Element of Humanity for the Mental Deterioration and Moral 
Debasement of the Mass as a Means to Their Enslavement. Based on Their Own 
Writings and Means Already Confessedly Employed (1957) Dr. Clymer, 276pp., 
comb-bound, 25.00 + P&H. 

- Behind Communism (c.1951) E L Britton, 97pp., stapleback, 8,00 + P&H, 

- Bolshevism* Communism. Tudaism & Zionism: What Eminent American and Eu- 
ropean Statesmen Had To Sav About the "jews"; revealing statements highly 

respected leaders, 88pp., Baiaidus, illustrated, 6.00 + P&H. 

- ifrhfr {KM the Vfamlfa A True Storv of South Africa. Cuan Elgin, [Robert 

Alan Balaicius, Editor, contributor] 392pp., pb., 18.38 + P&H [1838 = Day of 
Covenant, most special day in Boer history.] gripping tale of small, brave, Chris- 
tian nation born of conflict, turmoil & tragedy & love, dedication & hard work— 
this exciting account of history of South Africa (from eatliest times to end of 
2nd Anglo-Boer War) woven as rich tapestry into a novel, exciting book: cross 
between Shaka Zulu and little House on Prairie. 

- "Constitutions Be Damned!" Say the International ists (1962) Dr. B. Bruce, 125pp., 

book sized, comb-bound 12.00 + P&H. 
- Death at Katyn 094$)48pp., 5.00 + P&H. Thousands R>lish/IJrhuanian) officers mur- 
dered by Soviets VtfWU, ouried mass grave in forest— at Nuremberg War Crimes trials 
Soviets blamed Germans; now pr^ 

- Potty Years of Roosevelt (1944) T.W. Hughes, 48pp., 6.00 + P&H; very rare 

i^Doc±rinefl--andTheirB0tlSr a 1 Refi^fon. Balaicius, 164pp., pb., 14.50 + P&H. 
exposes false doctrines, not held by Reformers/Bible leaders of early modem era. 

- A Greater Miracle Than The Lost Ten Tribes Discovered-- TThe Dead Six Million 

Uncovered...!. Brian Alois Geraubat, 544pp., pb.; exposes Holocaust lie (with 
Jewish testimony), billion dollar Holocaust Industry, exposes Holocaust Mafia; 
Hall of Fame: those who spoke out/lives ruined— -100s photos), compelling com- 
pilation of evidence/ 6 million not murdered ("Jewish experts, population data, 
chemistry, math, history); Revisionist booklist, indexed. Actual photocopies from 
original copies of census data (compiled by "Jewish" sources) from "World Alma- 
nac and Book Pacts" for 1$>34, 1945, 1946, 1950; Illustrated, indexed; power- 
house of information. 30.00 + P&H. Consider the evidence before dismissing. 

- Human Cost of Soviet Communism. Prepared at Request of Sen. Dodd for Subcom. 

to Investigate Administration of Internal Security Act and other Internal Secu- 
rity Laws of Committee on Judiciary US Senate, 1971, 40pp., 4.00 + P&H. 

- Ls There a "Subversive" Movement in the Public Schools? (1952) Paul W. Shafer 

(Mich. House of Rep.), 56pp>, 8.5x7, rare, 7.00 + P&H. 

- Marxism and Tudaism (1 947) English translation from La Revue de Paris, July-Aug. 

1928), 50pp., pb., 6.00 + P&H. 
-The 1905 Revolution in Russia (National Geographic otlWi 14pp., 1.50 + P&H. 

- Our Blood on the Altar: Freedom and avilization Hang in the Balance FA Final 

Call to the Nations of Christendom../!. Balaicius, 88pp., illustrated, 6.00 + P&H. 
-The Post-Christian Era and the New Dark Ages: Balaicius, Christian civilization is 
nearly extinct, 112pp„ pb., 10.50 + P&H. 

- Revolution and Freemasonry (1935) Prof. Bernard Marie Louis Fajr (1893-1978) 

French educator* historian, author, 349pp., pb., 25.00 + P&H. 
-The Rulers of Russia. Rev. Fahey, 100pp., stapleback, 8.50 + P&H. 
The Secret Holocaust. Mullins, 34pp., 4 00 + P&H. (against European Christians). 

- Soviet Evidence at Katyn! Document USSR-54 at Nuremberg. 48pp., stapleback, 

7 00 + P&H. (see Death at Katyn. herein) imported 
-21e_SalirjJ2eatJi (c.1953) Kenneth GoflF, Edited bv Robert Balaicius With Copious 
Notes Constituting "A Bolshevik Primer" and Illustrations, 88pp., 8.00 + P&H. 

- Uncovering the Mysteries of Your Hidden Inheritance. Robert Balaicius, 192pp., 

pb., 16™ + P&H; Hb., 26 00 + P&H; illustrated, (ancient history & Bible, rela- 
tion to modern history, fasciriating revelation; key to understanding conspiracy) 

- War Is A Racket (1933) Mai.-Gen. Stnedley Buder (who profits from war?) 36pp., 

retype-set w/ photos and brief 4 biography of Buder, 4.00 + P&H. 

-TFhatS Keepmg Gfld ftpm PrfiYgring AWfca, Britain and Bumps from Destruc- 
tion...?. Balaicius, 112pp., pb., 10 50 + P&H. 

-^Whtfs^ thg.Wpda SfffltfrCongpiracy, Combs, 102pp., 12.00 + P&H. 

- World Significance of the Russian Revohftton (1920) Georee Pitt-Rivers, preface 

Dr. Oscar Levy, 60pp., 6.00 + P&H, role of "jews* in Bolshevik terror. 

Senator Jack B. Tenney 


(drawn for me by my friend Josef Tamaliunas, 

an Australian of Lithuanian descent 

who passed away in 2005. — RAB/STM) 

Reprinted by: 

Sacred Truth Publishing 

P.O. Box 18, 

Mountain City, Tennessee 37683 

Christian Constitutional Republic of the United States of America